Handwriting Analysis
    Grapho Hub analysis individual handwriting samples to help them reveal your personality.

    Grapho Therapy Course
    Grapho Hub suggests changes in the style of writing. When the changes are implemented, it has a positive impact on one's subconcious mind and changes the life for betterment.

    Graphology Course
    Grapho Hub also provides training on handwriting analysis.

    > Personality Development
    > Marriage Compatibility
    > Helping Child Development
    > Selecting Right Careers
    > Improving Self Confidence
    > Improving Relationships

    Achieve Business Success
    Recruitment of the Correct Personnel through three different ways of analysis:

    - Vocational Analysis It is for supervisory or administrative support personnel. This analysis tells in detail how a candidate is likely to perform, his strong and weak points.

    - Sales Aptitude Analysis The Sales Aptitude Handwriting Analysis evaluates 20 traits, most of which the successful candidate needs good measure. If a candidate has few or none of these characteristics, the chances of making it in sales are slim.

    - Comprehensive Analysis It is for management position. This analysis examines in depth of a candidate's mental processes, maturity, character, aptitudes, interests, social attitudes, integrity.


    Handwriting analysis will help by analyzing a candidate's handwriting and revert with our analysis, based on which the corporate can make a decision to consider the candidates or reject them. The traits analyzed would include:

    > Integrity of employee
    > Loyalty towards the organization
    > Commitment to work
    > Health related issues
    > Creativity in functioning

    For key positions, especially top management we can revert with additional in-depth analysis about:

    > Potential to deliver
    > Ability to lead teams
    > Cultural fit into your system etc.