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HANDWRITING ANALYSIS IS different from fortune telling. Writing analysis can reveal the physical age or the gender of the writer. Since writing is brain mapping the individual character traits come forth no matter how the pen is held. People do change and so does the handwriting. Writing actually fluctuates with once moods. Handwriting reveals what you are and what you have been in past and it can also gives clue as to what might you still become. It is an important diagnostic tool used in Western countries. Handwriting analysis is a clinical science.

We can use this science to know more about your life partner or business partner. It can also be widely used in recruiting the suitable candidate for various posts, in an organization. It also helps in child development, knowing health problems & parent child relationship. This analysis is very useful for individuals in their day to day life.

Grapho Analysis & Grapho Therapy

Very few People ae aware that the handwritting of a person holds the key to the doors of success and prosperity. Graphology the science of handwriting analysis is a specialized method of behaviour.It is important to note that a neat handwriting or legible handwriting does not necessarily indicate either brilliance or success.E.g- Most Doctors are known to have illegible handwriting.Rather it is the style of writting,the slant in the writing,the location of the dots in the i and the spacing between alphabets etc,that reveal an indivisuals personality.

Grapho analysis is a science, has a scientific base and logical explanations for its effectiveness, when adopted under the guidance of qualified Grapho therapist. While anyone over the age of seven can benefit by practicing Grapho therapy.