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Mentor Manish Pande in association with Bart Baggett

“My knowledge of handwriting analysis has led me to travel to many places to lend the knowledge of my skill by teaching people and also learning about graphology. These travels of mine have led me to interact with many people globally one of which has been my good friend Manish Pande who is a noted Handwriting Analyst and Grapho therapist. Rarely have I ever seensuch dedication and passion towards the subject in which he has carved a place for himself, not only in India but also internationally. He has great energy and enthusiasm to spread the knowledge of graphology the world over. It is extremely gratifying to know that there is an individual like Manish Pande who has graciously taken on the responsibility in lending his knowledge of graphology to various sectors of the corporate world and the department of law and justice.

I am truly elated to have a good friend in Manish Pande and the hope of a lifelong association and friendship.”"

President of Handwriting University International
Los Angeles, CA, USA


Anand Khandelwal

Testimonial by Anand Khandelwal (Engineer & Contractor)

Dr. Pisal

Testimonial by Dr. Pisal (Senior Scientist)

Mrs.Hetal j. Badal

Testimonial by Mrs.Hetal j. Badal (Housewife) & Mr.Jitendra badal (income Tax Consultant)

Mr.Prashant Shewde

Testimonial by Mr.Prashant Shewde (Builders & Developers)

Meherina Irani

“ My name is Meherina Irani. I have completed my masters in clinical psychology. I am interested in pursuing a career in graphology and conducting further research in the field. ”

Neha Garudkar

“ I am 17 years old. I have completed my high school education and now
I am applying for medical sciences. I am looking forward to make a career in Handwriting Analysis. ”

Priyanka Parakh

“ My name is Priyanka Parakh. I am 19 years old ! I am doing SYBCOM.
I want to make my career in Handwriting Analysis. And want to do further research in criminal and child handwriting analysis. ”